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Swine Flu?? September 26, 2009

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I think I had a swine flu. I had it after about 10% of my students had a swine flu. Trendy.


The reason I do Math July 26, 2009

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I turned my bad habit into my job.


Work Time.

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The 1st picture: Satvik and Cookie Monster working on their computer.

The 2nd picture: Cookie Monster realizes the camera


Carrots and Scallions July 25, 2009

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Grow tall and strong and yummy

Grow tall and strong and yummy

Before being cooked.

Before being cooked.

The last weekend, Satvik and I met up with Ragu didi at her apartment. Ragu didi was a fun, sweet, beautiful lady and we had a great time. The topic of our conversation flew from one thing to another like a paper plane on wind sometimes interrupted by random trees (such as “do you watch 30 rock?””golgapa”) …and at one point, I happened to mention that I really like growing carrots/daikons/scallions from their roots. I explained that I soak their roots in water after using the edible parts of these vegetables, and they grow back. And this is when Ragu didi said in a sweetest way possible,

” Vegetables growing only with water? That’s weird.”

………..Challenge accepted!!!    (nobody challenged?)
So that night, I firmly decided to start a blog to show Ragu didi how this should be done. If she doesn’t volunteer to read this blog, I will make her read it whenever she comes to our apartment.
Or she can see the vegetables actually growing in our apartment…in that case, there is really no point to this blog…

you know, whatever…